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The capital forum featured presentations by 6 companies which have connections to Thanking You the Long Island region and are building business around innovative healthcare technologies and services. At the capital forum, the companies presented to an audience that included venture http://kindchristopherblack.irwomen.net/2016/08/05/all-the-hotel-that-join-the-group-may-have-quality-standard-like-medical-care-for-the-children-and-baby-sitting-service capital firms, investment banks, private equity firms, and angel and high net worth investors. Each of the companies selected by LICA for presentation at the capital forum possesses unique technologies to enhance clinical outcomes or improve healthcare processes, with strong catalysts for growth. A panel of investment professionals was on hand to review the presentations, offer their most valuable insights on the presenters’ commercial viability and prospects for market success and provide expert commentary on investment conditions in the broader healthcare sector. The investor panel, led by LICA Board of Directors member Michael Lane, discussed the healthcare industry, investment climate, and gave strong advice to help entrepreneurs raise capital. “We are very pleased that some of Long Island’s most promising and innovative healthcare companies are utilizing LICA’s Capital Forums as a means to increase their exposure to the greater New York area funding community, enhance their development and accelerate their growth,” said Neil M. http://askowenbrown.hawapets.org/2016/11/13/you-can-also-provide-your-own-antioxidant-protection-by-applying-solutions-of-nutrient-vitaminsherbs-to-your-skin-then-using-a-moisturizing-sunscreenKaufman, Chairman of LICA. “Our Healthcare Capital Forum was a success in promoting leading local companies at the intersection of medical advancements and technology solutions, Ta both key drivers of Long Island’s future economy.” “The Docket Team is very appreciative for all the support and guidance we have received from the Long Island Capital Alliance (LICA),” commented Michael Perretta, Founder & CEO of presenting company Docket Inc. ‘December’s LICA Healthcare Forum was a fantastic experience.

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