Some Emerging Guidance On Fast Tactics For Medical Care Care For Problems With Lungs

Three-month-old Jared Swearingen has had better days. “He was just raspy and had a cough, little difficulty breathing, couldn’t eat as much,” said his father, Jacob Swearingen. Jared has RSV, the respiratory syncytial virus. That’s resulted in bronchiolitis, infection that causes the small breathing tubes of the lungs to swell. “Because they have difficulty breathing, they can have difficulty feeding because it’s too much work to breathe and feed simultaneously,” said Dr. Irene Walsh of Children’s Mercy Hospital Kansas. Jared’s doctor referred the family to the respiratory outpatient clinic at that hospital. my siteThe clinic operates 24/7 from November through April. A pediatric respiratory therapist assesses each baby and provides treatment. Jared needs deep suctioning to get the mucous out and improve Thanks breathing. Others may need only bulb suctioning.

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